SVS Collisions 2021

Artistic Residency

Laboratorio Subterraneo Canfranc


SVS Collisions 2021 Canfranc, from 24 July to 8 August!

Together with the media artist Daniel Door, composer Beni Brachtel and sound artist Daniel Hermann Collini (SVS Records) launched the series SVS Collisions, to expand the respective artistic focus.

Particle physics and music use a common vocabulary: Waves, Frequencies, Noise, noisecancelling, Transientfiltering etc. –

Together with 25 international artists the SVS Collective starts the dialogue with scientists from TU München and Laboratorio Subterráneo de Canfranc to express common subjects through a common language:

Is music subjected to chronology? Can temporal stringency be overcome? Can sound be experienced differently? How do particles sound when they collide ?

The Rest is Music special Episode on Cashmere Radio:

SVS Colliderator

A fragment of the radio piece created during the Canfranc Collisions Residency 2021. It includes samples and field recordings provided by the resident artists colliding on an algorithmic system also conceived and created by the artists.

SVS Collisions Canfranc 2021 Colliderator