...of Virtual Spaces

for 3D Ambisonics system (or Bianural) and electromagnetic field


...of Virtual Spaces is a Fixed Media composition that explores different soundscapes of the urban everyday life. Beyond the traditional approaches to field recording and found objects, this piece aims to make explicit the relationships between the everyday (real) soundscape, and the hidden one (unveiled through the electromagnetic field recorder), and thus creating a series of virtual spaces, which are not real, but rather represent hidden spaces and relationships within the real spaces, through sonic interaction.

The piece consists of a series of field recordings realized in the eastern part of the city of Berlin, more, it’s a recomposed soundwalk from Frankfurter Alle Bahnhof, to Alexanderplatz, through Frankfurter Alle and Karl-Marx Alle. The place was chosen for its historical significance and its shocking architecture. Arguably a “virtual space,” the conservation of the GDR architecture creates the impression of being on a place abstracted from time and space, as if in a Soviet landscape.

Sonically this walk encompasses some of the most iconic “soundmarks” found in Berlin: Train Stations, Shopping Centers, Commercial Avenues, tourist Attractions, all interpolated with occasional residential wide areas. Rather than trying to “re-create” an experience of linearly walking from place A to B, the piece exposes several samples of different places and moments, that instead accentuate parallelism between real soundscapes and hidden Electromagnetic fields, thus creating the virtual sounds.

The creation of such virtual sounds is produced through digital signal processing: different modulation techniques interpolate and juxtapose the samples taken from the Ambisonics field recording and from the EMF headphones, thus, creating new sounds that are identifiable as if they were real, but are recreated. Although the soundscape recordings were made using Ambisonics technique, I’m using a different approach to the standardized method of re-creation, panning freely each of the four channels, creating different perceptions of virtual spaces.